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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Ranger Grip 78

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This is one of the larger size Victorinox knives. What I like most about this knife is how easy and smooth the blade is able to open. The blade locks in the open position and to release the lock you simply push in on the Victorinox emblem on the handle. Very handy if are carrying something and only have one free hand to open and close the knife.

Made for skilled craftsman and tested by professionals, the RangerGrip series offers a more robust array of tools for larger jobs. The two component handles are ergonomic for superior grip and one-hand blade opens with a simple flick of your thumb, thus locking it securely into place during use.

Durable enough to last a lifetime, and guaranteed for it, you can rely on this knife for years to come. With elements such as a can opener, Phillips screwdriver, and 4.2" wood saw you'll always have the right tool for the right situation.

Like all Swiss Army Knives, the RangerGrip 78 has a lifetime warranty, stainless steel implements and Swiss-made quality and durability.

Height: 0.9 in, Length: 5.1 in, Weight: 6.1 oz
Includes 12 Functions:

  1. 3.9" Locking Blade
  2. Can Opener with
  3. - small Screwdriver
  4. Cap Lifter with
  5. - Large Locking Screwdriver
  6. - Wire Stripper
  7. 4.2" Double-cut Wood Saw
  8. Phillips Screwdriver
  9. Punch, Reamer
  10. Key Ring
  11. Tweezers
  12. Toothpick

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