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40/40 Thumb-turn euro Cylinder Lock - 80mm ANTI-SNAP PICK & BUMP

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Product Details

Anti Snap lines on both sides of the Euro double cylinders protect against forced entry, designed to withstand most entry techniques.

Anti bump, anti pick, and anti drill pins inside the cylinder.

This type of Cylinder has been popular in Continental Europe for many years because it is economic, functionally adaptable and easy to install. This version has ergonomically designed Thumbturn that operates the deadbolt from inside.

We have many different sizes of cylinders in stock so if there's a particular size required that you don't see here, feel free to message or give us a call on 091-563331 and we should be able to assist you. Bear in mind when measuring your cylinder that the screwhole is not always in the centre of the cylinder. For example , if you have a 90mm cylinder, you need to measure from each side to the screwhole. So it could measure 45/45mm or maybe 40/50, 35/55, 30/60 etc. Also take note of which side of the cylinder is the inside if you want one with a thumbturn on the inside.

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